Pre-race Ironman 70.3 Jiju Korea

Um percurso dificil de subidas e descidas na bike e corrida. O T1 e T2 distam 10km de distancia o que vai complicar a ja complicada manha de Domingo.

Will be a hard corse between hills on bike and running. T1 and T2 will be in different places are far from 10km with set hurdles for the already tough Sunday morning.

2011 IronmanKoreaJeju & Ironman 70.3KoreaJeju Course Inf.


Location:        Hwa-SunGoldSandBeach

There will be 2 swim loops (1 loop for 70.3 Ironman) designed based on straight 950 meters long swim course. Even under extreme weather condition, this new swim course will always enlighten athletes to perform their maximum ability at average ocean tides due to long breakwater already built to protect such natural obstacles.

In addition, Mt. Sam-Bang will provide spectacular views for those by the swim area.


There will be 2 transition areas being operated.

Transition 1:   Hwa-SunGoldSandBeach

Transition 2:    In front of Jung-Mun Korea National Tourism Organization (Teddy Bear Museum Road)

From Hwa-Sun Gold Sand Beach Transition 1 area, there will be 2 separations for the full & the 70.3 sections.

The overview of bike course is also 2 loops (1 loop for 70.3 IM) in layout. From the start, first 40km will have moderate ups & downs followed by pretty stable elevation for the next 50km. Therefore, once you complete 2 loops successfully to the end meeting Transition 2 of Jung-Mun area, many people will await you with additional support materials to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Here are some details of BIKE course you will experience…


After the start, first 500m is flat road followed by about 6-8 degree of elevation. We advise you to be on an warm-up mode. When you reach about 2km, you will enter into a main road and get ready for the 3km long elevation. We encourage you to keep your pace in place up to this point.

From about 5km to next 3-4km is the downhill, you may consider increasing maximum speed, so that the next 7-8 degree of 500 meter elevation you can comfortably reach. Once you reach the peak, first 1km will be flat road with another 2km of downhill road.

After the downhill road, the road will become wider into 3 lanes. The rest of the layout is somewhat similar in fashion, so we advise you to utilize efficient elevation technique is probably the key to beat the competition for the rest of 40-50km long ride.

Beyond after your 1st bike loop. Soon after you turn your 1st bike loop depends on Jeju’s unique wind facing condition for your reference.

Some of you may have experienced some difficulties due to wind facing forward you.You will experience a few more up hills at the same time more down hills after you pass World Cup Stadium area. Don’t forget to say hi to village people who will greet you along with beautiful coastal rides with additional views of Mt. Song-Ak. The rest of 80-100km will be fairly flat roads.


First run will be bit challenging for everyone since sharp downhill will await you followed by uphill towards to theJejuInternationalConvention Center. The remaining run course duplicates with the bike course you’ve already experienced, so we highly recommend to stay safety precautions at all times.

Ironman Korea Jeju course is definitely more challenging compared to other Ironman races. We’ve created this way to make it more rewarding for you and also for the Ironman community to hear out loud.

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