Friends in Korea / Amigos na Korea

The party and enviroment in Jeju was excelent and everybody share there experiences, races, trainings, thoughts and ways to do this tough sport. Beautiful days talk with people that understand me and have the same way of life.

These are the Ironmans i meet in Korea.

Ironman Japonese Hiromu, 79 years old = 15h02m

Ironman Brasilian Sydney M35-39 = 11h50m

Ironman Brasilian Eduardo M35-39 = Swim 49m (5th Mpro) DNF

Ironman Australian Darren M35-39 = 11h04m

Ironman Australian Scott M25-29 = 10h53m

Ironman English Richard M30-34 = DNF (spot in IM kona 2011)

Ironman 70.3  German Anna F30-34 = 1st age group 5h41m       (spot to Las Vegas)

Ironman 70.3  Spanish Veronica F30-34 = 2nd place 6h14m

Ironman 70.3 German Hermann M40-44 = winner group 5h08m (spot to Las Vegas)

Ironman 70.3 Chinese Zihao M18-24 = 2nd place age group 5h42m (spot to Las Vegas)

Ironman 70.3 Spanish Pablo M30-34 = 6th group 5h03m

Ironman 70.3 Chinese Xiping M35-39 = 5h 26m

and Ironman 70.3 Hongkonguese Kent M35-39 = 5h 42m


I learn a lot with all these guys and they made all my journey much friendly and comfortable, thank you all and hope to see you next Ironman.

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