Ironman Phuket December 4th 2011 – The race

I finish in a best ever time in 5h32m07s ; Group 40-44 in 69

Swim 1.9 km / 1.2 miles
The swim course comprises two bodies of water. Starting on the beach between the Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket hotel and Laguna Beach Resort near the Laguna Beach Resort Marine Centre, competitors swim 1.28 km / 1.400 yards in the sea before sprinting 100m / 109 yards across the beach to swim the last 620m / 678 yards in a tropical lagoon finishing at the Laguna Beach Resort Y-junction. Wetsuits are not allowed.

Bike 90 km / 56 miles
The bike course differs from the Laguna Phuket Triathlon bike course by taking competitors towards the township of Thalang located on the main north-south highway 402 which cyclists will cross by dismounting to traverse a ramp and pedestrian bridge. Once on the east side of the 402 cyclists will continue on a partial out and back course with two coastal loops on narrow, winding roads before returning to the cross the 402 pedestrian bridge again to return to Laguna Phuket. The course includes some extremely steep hilly sections on a quiet coastal road in theIsland’s north east. Drafting is illegal. Suggested equipment includes a minimum of two water bottle cages. Athletes should consider 24-28 tooth rear cassettes to ease the difficulty of hill climbs. Some of the road surfaces may be rough and athletes should use durable tires.

Run 21.1 km / 13.1 miles
The run course is flat and leads runners north through the Laguna Phuket resort complex and onto the award-winning Laguna Phuket Golf Course, before looping back to finish at the Laguna Beach Resort Y-junction. The exact course is yet to be determined.

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