Week 5 – recover and rehabilitation / Semana 5, recuperação e reabilitação

11 to 17 – June /  11 a 17 Junho 2012

Mon. Seg.: OFF
Tue. Ter.: Swim 1400m in 34′ (10x100m – 20″rest.+ 10x100m – 10″rest.) + Ride 30k in 58′
Wed. Qua.: Run 8k in 45′ (flat and easy)
Thu. Qui.: Swim 1200m in 30′ (8x50m r.1o″ + 8x50m r.20″) + Run 11k in 59′ (hills)
Fri. Sex.: OFF
Sat. Sábado: Duathlon (R:4k/B:22k/R:4k) in 1h18’10” + Ride 50k in 1h50′
Sun. Dom.: Run 18k in 1h41′ (Hills and trails)
Swim: 1h04′ – 2.6k
Ride: 3h32′ – 102k
Run: 3h59′ – 45k
week total: 8h33′ – 149.6k

Duathlon with the MAC (Macau Advanture Club) guys.


10k running Macau-Taipa-Macau with Oi Va Pro Team (Oi Va Club) guys.

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