Week 4 – one month away / Semana 4 – só falta um mês

18 to 24 – June /  18 a 24 Junho 2012

Mon. Seg.: Swim 4300m in 1h27′23″ em 172 piscinas (4x1000m 21’/19’18″/20’01″/19’57”) + Run 6k in 29′
Tue. Ter.: Ride 44k in 1h43′ (climb 2x5min. seated + 4x2min. all out)
Wed. Qua.: Swim 2800m in 59′ (4x500m) + Run 9k in 55′
Thu. Qui.: Run 10k in 43′ (team run group)
Fri. Sex.: OFF
Sat. Sábado: Duathlon in Hong Kong Ride 100k in 1h49′ (avr. 34.5 k/h) + Run 5k in 23′
Sun. Dom.: Swim 2200m in 43′ (2000m in 37′) + Run 21k in 1h51′
Swim: 3h03′ – 9.3k
Ride: 3h32′ – 144k
Run: 4h21′ – 51k
week total: 10h56′ – 204.3k

Before training start in Hong Kong Disneyland (Lantau)

First 50km

and after training, delicious noodles with meat balls…

Amazing ride in Hong Kong, last Saturday at the end with Hermann (Half Ironman Korea champion 2011) and Olaf (Ironman 9h10′ / spot to Kona 2012). I beat my 100k record on bike with an amazing average of 34.3 km/h. Was very wind and some rain but was awesome drafting with these guys. Thanks to them I’m prepared to attack the last two weeks of my training before stars the taper, really great.

Hermann and Olaf

Danke schön guys, jm

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