Ironman Japan 70.3 – beginning 9 weeks intensive training preparation

-* IRONMAN 70.3 Centrair Chita Tokoname Japan news *-


1.The course is released .
2.The Web site is updated
3.The reservation for pick up bike at Rinku beach deadline Monday, May 20.
4.Bike& Gear Delivery
5.Japanese Olympians will join the race!!!
6.The Atheleat Guide will be ready around Monday, May 20.

┃1┃  The course is released
We are now announcing the race course for Ironman70.3 Chita-Tokoname Japan    .
Due to significant changes in our course and adjustments of related organizations, announcing was delayed We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding and appreciate your patience.
Since this race course is set particularly in unprecedented area,
please read the followings carefully.

◆Course Summary
-Swim: Shinmaiko Blue Sun Beach (1.9km)
Shinmaiko Blue Sun Beach which is pretty popular for swimming has lots of
visitors in summer time. This is a course you swim out from the beach and return .

-Bike: Shinmaiko Marine Park~Shinmaiko Marine Park (90.1km)
Athletes will repeat the same loop 4 times around Chita-city coastal
industrial area including inside the LIXIL factory sites.
The course includes a long straight course; therefore much faster pace is expected. Since Shinmaiko Marine Park is set to transition area, we are expecting lots of spectators cheering on roadside..
*You cannot stay and watch at coastal industrial area. We suggest watching the race from Marine Park. 

-Run: Shinmaiko Marine Park~Rinku Beach North Park (21.1km)
Starting from Shinmaiko Marine Park ~ Ookusa district ~ Downtown Oono-cho ~ Rinku-cho.
Please enjoy running the course which varied in different scenery.

◆Test Run on Bike Course
Bike course is mainly located on service road at Chita-city coastal industrial area. Obviously, the road is generally used for industrial traffics, thus the traffics are pretty busy in weekdays even in weekends.
Although many athletes, cyclists and wheelchair runners train
at this service road on a routine basis, lots of accidents have been reported including a few fatal accidents. Therefore, related organizations are concerned with running not only during a race but also test run at the service road.
In order to secure the service road for this race, it is performed to obtain the understanding of many people as we held. 
From now on till the race day, if reckless driving were seen on sites,
the race will be canceled. We would like all of you to remember that
this service road is generally used for local corporate businesses, so we are asking all the participants to hold off practicing at the road.
If you have decided to practice, please pay extra attention to surroundings for your safety and the others. Realize that you are an ambassador for the sports and the event and the impact of your actions is far reaching. When you are out riding the course, please adhere to local traffic laws and go extra kilos to be courteous and respectful to the local businesses. Every time a cyclist is courteous to a driver, that driver will give every cyclist on the road, that much more respect and courtesy in return.

The traffic control will be conducted by security guards on the race day.
Please Do Not:

−run with group of people in a long line
−ride with your head down without looking around
−cut off in front of a vehicle

◆Roads (designated for car) 
Please note that not only West Chita Industrial Road (from North of Chita-city) but also Centrair Airport bridge which connects between airport and main land is used only for cars, not for bikes. If you are staying at a hotel by the airport, please use alternatives (car or train) for connection. 
To ride a bike on those roads, are prohibited in Japan’s Road Traffic Laws and also participation qualification will be forfeited.

Test Run for Run Course

Run course is through from Shinmaiko marine park to Chita-city to Tokoname-city.
Please refrain from running especially in between these three areas.
(Chita-city Shinmaiko, Ookusa and Tokoname Oono-cho) It is seriously dangerous since there are no sidewalks.
Once again, if you have decided to practice, not only paying extra attention to surroundings for your safety and the others but also when you are out running the course, please adhere to local traffic laws and go extra kilos to be courteous and respectful to the local businesses.

The course here.

┃2┃ The Web site is updated
・About Race Schedules↓
・About Bike& Gear Delivery ↓
・About Free Shuttle Bus ↓
・About Parking ↓

┃3┃ The reservation for pick up bike at Rinku Beach deadline Monday, 20 May
The race will transport your bike from T2 to the Athlete Parking Lot very carefully.
Who would like to pick your bike& bike gear at Finish (Rinku Beach)
Please book to us by the deadline May 20(Monday) here
The reservation is not accept, it passes over Monday, May 20.

┃4┃ Bike& Gear Delivery
The race will provide bike and gear delivery for athletes as (Start, T1, T2 ) 
and Finish are at separate locations.
About Bike& Gear Delivery “TRANSPORT”→“Bike& Gear Delivery”on website

There are explanations about the flow of the Bike& Gear transport.
We need you to know about the whole flow to carry out race smoothly.
Please look through.

┃5┃ Japanese Olympians will join the race!!!
Please enjoy competing with them!
-Yuichi Hosoda and Ai Ueda, London 2012.
-Ryosuke Yamamoto, Beijing 2008.

┃6┃ The Athlete Guide will be ready around Monday, May20.
The Athlete Guide will be ready around Monday, may 20 and send you by e-mail.
You can also check the same contents on web.

 JAPAN IRONMAN course_map

mape02b mape01b


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