Ironman Japan 70.3 – new PR

Just arrive in the airport

080620136771 080620136772

0409_00095 0409_00142

People that talks english in Nagoya: over 60’s years old / 3rd. time race together in and Ironman, 81 years old Mr. Inaga Hiromu

0409_00153 0409_00580

My good race fellows

0409_00581 0409_025599

hard swimming leg, as always . . .

0409_02550 0409_04537 0409_08242

Now is when starts my race, amazing bike leg, (Ag.) 36.55 km/h in 2h27m – 90.1km

0409_14259 CT0409_21733 CT0409_21734

Cramps, cramps and more cramps in all 1/2 marathon (bad bike saddle position)

RT0409_12861 RT0409_12862 Untitled-1111 RT0409_12863 RT0409_12864 RT0409_18853 RT0409_18854

Finally the finish line, sooner than i imagine . . .

RT0409_18855 RT0409_12865 RT0409_12866

RT0409_12867 RT0409_24578 Untitled-2222222222

A new personal record, less 15m and a gap of more 15m to take time next one.


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