You Know You’re an Ironman When …

When you think: ” – I don’t have time to be injured. ”


” Fatigue? are you felling tired? nope, it’s just a way of life, I’m living tired . . .”

_________________ The 20’s best_______________

20. “You see a 26.2 sticker on a car and you say to yourself ‘That’s all?'” – Jason C Newton

19. “None of your friends will train with you anymore.” – Paul Hill

18. “Mike Reilly says so.” – Mike Wetherell

17. “You spend more money on your bike than your car.” – Jennifer Rendle

16. “When you say to your friends, ‘it’s JUST a marathon!'” – Michael Friedman

15. “You have more workout clothes than work clothes.” – Carrie Smurawa-Calaway

14. “You’ve peed on yourself two to three times that day. And that’s just on the bike and run. Swim start peeing doesn’t count.” – Tom Scheer

13. “When you stand looking out over a beautiful lake, and your only thought is … I’d like to swim that!” – Leonard Smith

12. “The tattoo is done!” – Folkert Wierda

11. “You no longer think of a brick as a masonry construction term.” – Robert Allen

10. “When you find youself saying things like ‘I’m busy tomorrow, I may only get in a five-hour workout.'” – Brian McMillin

9. “When you wear your finisher’s hat and medal with an IronDad T-shirt and flipflops to a ‘coat and tie required’ steakhouse after the race and they gladly let it slide.” – Eric Keltner

8. “When your cologne is chlorine.” – Jacob Ferrell

7. “You book a race on your first wedding anniversary by mistake. All the while your wife knows and supports and encourages you signing up.” – Darin Fulks

6. “When your FB profile picture is of you finishing an Ironman, and you’ve decide not change it until you finish your next one.” – John Hessenthaler

5. “You start wearing tri shorts as normal underwear.” – Andy Owens

4. “When you have little to no toe nails left.” – Blake Aaron Johnston

3. “You get goose bumps every time you watch one.” – James Garris

2. “When you race for the ones that can’t.” – James Garris

1. “You smile and understand every one of these comments.” – Endré Sparkes

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