Pedro Gomes – 1st. Portuguese Ironman Champion

Pedro Gomes Ironman Sweden 2013


Pedro Gomes tornou-se no primeiro atleta portugues a vencer um Ironman.                   Com 8h19m25s destacou-se na bicicleta, isolando-se para fazer a Maratona sozinho em grande estilo. Parabens Pedro . . .

Infelizmente continua em Portugal a falta de apoio desportivo, financeiro, publicitario e de marketing ao desporto nacional e modalidades individuais. O futebol continua a ser o unico desporto nacional jogado maioritariamente por estrangeiros que e’ divulgado, publicitado e suportado financeiramente.

Pedro Gomes e’ campeao do Ironman Sweden 2013, aqui fica a sua humilde declaracao:

“This was quite a win for me. I’m not a talented guy, I was not born with speed or anywhere near good on my first triathlon. My youth was spent mostly at home, playing video games and eating crappy food. I’m no different from every other athlete than enters an Ironman. As most I started it for fun but once I embraced it as job, I was always the first one up for the morning swim and the one who secretly added workouts to the schedule just because I felt like I needed to do more. As someone once said, no pro athlete works out 40hrs a week to come second. I didn’t go to Kalmar to finish second but same applies to all hundreds of triathlons I’ve done already and didn’t win. Of course I like the taste of winning but it’s very much about the journey and how much we take from it that really makes me hunger for more.”

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